Z Top Reasons
to Hold Your Event
at The Z Mansion!

• 1 •
Victorian-era Elegance
Built in 1898
by millionaire Charles Wright,
the Z Mansion
is like stepping into
the gilded age of America's Victorian tycoons.

• 2 •
Fabulous Food
The Z Mansion features
truly amazing food
prepared by
some of Tucson's
finest caterers.
(Or, you may
bring in your own licensed and insured caterer
-- the choice is yours.)

• 3 •
One in a Million
There are thousands
of hotels.
There are millions
of restaurants.
There is only one
Z Mansion.

• 4 •
The Money You'll Save
Rental of the Z Mansion
is far less than other
comparable properties.
Because the Hill Family
wanted to make renting
their home
affordable for everyone
-- even those on a tight budget.

• 5 •
Memories, Memories,

The secluded view
from the Sunset Balcony.
The secret trip
to the turn-of-the-century
wine cellar.
The sound of applause
as you come down
the stunning
Grand Courtyard Staircase.
Only Z best memories
are made at
the Z Mansion!



Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reserve my date?
-- Once we receive your first payment, your date will be held. To reserve your date by phone, just give us a call on our private reservation line at 520-907-9057. We will take your first payment by credit card and email you the paperwork while you're on the phone. The whole process takes less than 15 minutes!

What is the Z Mansion first payment and is it refundable?
-- The initial payment to rent the Mansion is only $500. The balance can then be paid using affordable monthly payments. Remember, you must get married — none of these payments is refundable. And yes, we happily accept checks and all major credit cards.

Is there an additional charge if I want both my ceremony and reception at the Z?
-- No, there is no additional charge to do both wedding and reception. In fact, we encourage you to use the Mansion for both.

What is the Security Deposit?
-- There is none. However, you are responsible for any damage to the Mansion and its grounds. You are also liable for any injury or damage incurred by your guests.

What about alcohol?
-- You are invited to bring your own alcohol provided it is served by a licensed and insured bartending services. Depending upon your number of guests, this can save you literally thousands of dollars off the traditional cost of alcohol!

What about parking?
-- There are hundreds of public parking spaces available surrounding the Mansion and many, many of them are empty at night and on weekends. To view a satellite image and interactive map of all of the parking surrounding the mansion -- much of it FREE, please click here.

What day of the week should I choose?
-- There are many different reasons to choose specific days of the week for your wedding. Here is a quick guide:

-- If you're looking to save money and have a wonderful wedding, Tuesday is a perfect choice. Events held on Tuesday nights qualify for a variety of wonderful FREE upgrades.

-- Events held on Thursday nights also qualify for a variety of wonderful FREE upgrades.
In addition, Thursday night weddings allow brides and grooms to make full use of the weekend for their honeymoon!

-- If you like to party, Friday is your night. While people will be wonderfully respectful during your Friday ceremony,
the party will start the second your ceremony is over and that energy will continue throughout the night!

Saturday During the Day (10 a.m. to 4 p.m.)
-- If you're looking to save money and have a wonderful wedding, Saturday during the day is also a perfect choice. Events held on Saturday mornings qualify for a variety of wonderful FREE upgrades.
In fact, Saturday daytime weddings combine the beautiful tradition of a Saturday wedding with the wonderful affordability of FREE upgrades.

Saturday Evening (6 p.m. to midnight)
-- Saturday evenings are the traditional evening for those who are planning to have a church ceremony. For others, any other evening also works well.

-- A Sunday wedding is a great way to extend the weekend fun especially if you have a lot of people coming in from out of town. Your guests will be happy to arrive on Friday evening or Saturday and will be just as happy to skip work on Monday giving your family and friends the entire weekend to celebrate!



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